Hindu Muslim Couple Marriage under One Roof

Jaipur the pink city of India knows as the city which is the capital of the royalty. The structure of Jaipur resembles the taste of the Rajputs and the Royal families. The city always make History and now once again Jaipur shown his colour by creating a new Trend.

Couples at SamuVivah Sammelan
It is first time in India were Hindu-Muslim and other caste gather at one place to find their soul mate in Samu Vivah Sammelan which organized by the “Help People Foundation” chairman Afreen Ritu Rajwat.

Help People foundation chairman Afreen Ritu Rajwat Said, “it was first time this kind of marriage happening in Jaipur and I think if this kind of trend people follow so there will be no discrimination on caste and creed. Citizen Feel saves and there will be a peace everywhere.”

Devshi Khanduri, Anup Jalota and Afreen Ritu Rajwat at Samu Vivah Sammelan
Many Bollywood Celebrities including Devshi Khanduri (Heroin of Chargesheet), singer and musician Anup Jalota attended Marriage ceremony and blessed the couples for their successful future.

Devshi Khanduri said, “I enjoyed this unique kind of marriage ceremony and I appreciate the initiative took by the help foundation and I am glad that person like Afreen Ritu has done a great job which is an example for us to make a unity in our country.”

Singer and Musician Anup Jalota by sharing his experience said, “It was great full movement were I have seen a new think which is happening in India and I think It should be followed by every citizen in good manner.”