90,000 MCD employees fake?

M. K. Gupta

Out of total number of 1.75 lakh MCD employees, 90 thousand may be fake. According to lead news in Times of India dated 30.6.09, about 85,000 employees have already got themselves registered for the biometric identification system while 45,000 are missing. This is the saga of the Municipal Corporation of the Capital of India where the CBI, CVC, Vigilance Department of Delhi Govt. and even the corporation’s its own vigilance Department are at work. MCD Commissioner K S Mehra deserves the credit for unearthing this scam as he took decision three months back to extend the biometric identification system tin all the 12 zones of the corporation. The monthly wage bill of the MCD is Rs 207-crore, which may come down to half after this revealition. Had these so called vigilance departments been attentive, the scam of this big dimension has not gone unnoticed. According to senior officials, the practice of phantom employees is most rampant in the sanitation and horticulture departments and in the face of it; How Delhiites can expect a green and clean Delhi? Country will keenly watch the action taken against the officials involved in such a fraud rampant for years. They will also be keen to see if the Municipal Taxes are reduced or more money is invested in the development work after the discovery of this racket.