Holi celebrations and Children Park at Green Tower CGHS

Management of the society is taking special care for the children. It teaches them to keep the premises clean and beautiful. Now-a-days even the small children do not pluck flowers or spoil the plants. Instead of blaming the children or their parents MC involved the children in planting and taking care of flowers. Now even they stop the elders from plucking the flowers. The Society has conducted a competition among children “How to keep Green Towers clean and beautiful’ MC gave prizes to the winners for first and second in the Park.

As a token of encouragement to the children MC awarded them by providing four beautiful rides namely – Sea-Saw, Marry-go-round, Swing and Monkey Ladder. MC has developed a badminton court inside the society.

In the societies the facilities required for the children are generally ignored. The elders keep on complaining that children are damaging the society plants, property etc. By creating a badminton court and providing these rides, children can play, enjoy without getting the blame. No doubt this brings in togetherness among the residents of the society.

Mr. Langer, President of the society feels that these type of facilities if provided gives a common place for the children to play and inculcate in them friendship, adjustment, peaceful coexistence and a sense of cleanliness and beauty. In the nucleolus families it is essential to create these habits to prepare them to adjust with the wider world.

Mrs. Kodiyan, Chief Convener of the Neighborhood Ladies Organisation, Dwarka and Mrs. Sethi inaugurated the Children Park and expressed that in every society there should be a Children Park for the mental and physical development of the children. They advised the children to ensure proper cleanliness of the rides and save the flower all around the rides.

Holi was enthusiastically celebrated by the Residents of the society. Fountain was converted into bath tub where children had a gala time in the coloured water. Children made sure that elders did not miss their childhood by drenching them with colored water.

Tambola added to the fun and excitement. Contributory lunch organized by Mrs. Kodian and group was a welcome relief to the ladies.