Tatas Nano: The Lakhtakia Car for the Middle Class

Today is the day when a small car has given the tough competition in the car market of India and every car makers of India has tensioned due to its launching because this new car is very economic and everybody having some good economic condition is able to purchase this new car. The famous car makers of India the great TATA presents this new dazzling driving machine Tata Nano in the car market of India.

Today Mr. Ratan N. Tata, chairman of Tata Motors and Tata group has launched this public car publicly on 9th Auto Expo in New Delhi. Peoples who want cars but unable to make true their dreams through their weak economic condition are very happy and thankful to Tata company for its unique product Tata Nano public car.

This new Tata Nano public car is maked by the view of family due to which it has full size passenger compartment gives enough leg space and head room. It has four comfortable seats which are well arrangement through which you must feel comfortable in your drive in it. The main features included in it are its length is 3.1 metres, width of 1.5 metres and height of 1.6 metres among very wonderful ground space. This new Tata Nano is made by the mind of all sides by which it is capable in town and rural areas and due to its small shape it is very effective rushy areas.
It is available in two versions standard and deluxe and both versions having enormous colors and other accessories would be available and fits in its body by the demand of customers.

This new Tata Nano is all in one car because it’s not only very cheap. It provides very good average of 26km in long drive and 22km in rushy areas in towns. This new public car has a powerful Fuel-efficient engine of multi point fuel injection petrol engine, rear wheel drive, and two cylinders 33 PS, 623 cc. this car has made by very advanced technology because this is the car having two cylinders in its internal gasoline engine and petrol engine with single balancer shaft. It has not so weighted that’s why it provides very good milage comparison to other cars.

Tata Nano is fully loaded with all safety factors and in this view maker of this car Tata makes its body by strong metal sheet and safe passenger compartment, intrusion resistant doors, crumple zones, strong seats, seat belts, anchorages among rear tailgate glass and Tubeless tires for extra safety.

Public car Tata Nano has full quality of environment friendly vehicle because it release carbon dioxide in very low amount that’s why it is totally safe, economic and environment friendly vehicle. I think it’s the miracle of India because it is very cheap and I must say it that it is the all in one car of India.