If Adaar card is so important then how come Supreme court has declared that its no longer mandatory

Why do we complicate simple things in life? When something can be done so easily , why do we make it difficult , unbearable , time consuming and torturous for ourselves and others. Sorry , maybe not torturous for ourselves but very definitely for others.
Who are these others ? The common man , the Junta – at times so helpless , so powerless, so frustrated to get basic things done. And guess who makes things difficult for them?

The ones to took an oath to ensure happiness , safety and comfort for the common man. Ironical!! Isn’t is??

I usually prefer to evade such conversations, perspective ….better to evade than to break my head over something I can do nothing about.

But something that happened last week made me realize that perhaps we all should take efforts to go beyond our interests and raise an alarm is things are not ok. The system that we are a part of needs to helps in getting things done faster and easier so that the ‘common man’ can at least have basic things in place.

The common man who is baffled by day – to day worries – the traffic , the roads , the lack of safety , the taxes …he is burdened by many things and then there is this system which is supposed to helps him but does the contrary.

I and my husband went to get our marriage registered last week with 2 friends as witnesses. We have been married for the past 2 years and decided that it was time we got it registered. We had applied long back and were given the date of 20thmarch 2015 to come and get our certificate after the final proceeding.

There was a long queue of people waiting and the ones working inside were smug , rude and callous. The janta was requesting them as if they were asking for a BIG favor!!

This is the case with government places – I don’t understand that how and why do people working here feel that they are superior and others who come to get their paper work done – owe them something big.

I think the common man will be happy to do everything online – and yet there are these unneccesary procedures – to purposely make things difficult for the individual.

As soon as we entered the Babu sitting there arrogantly and indifferently told us that he cannot accept our application as there was no adaar card. I have 2 questions:

1. If Adaar card is so important then how come Supreme court has declared that its no longer mandatory . And since its supreme court orders – then how come its not being followed ??? and why is the system punishing and confusing the aam janta.

2. Why were we given a date if you cannot even accept our form now?

I had to come on a working day and had taken half a day off. We spent the entire day from 7: 30 am to 7: 00 PM – hungry with no breakfast , no lunch and running around all over the city and beyond to get the adaard card enrolled.

There was full confusiong online and offline about where to get adhar card made from. The information was incorrection at many places and we kept running from pillar to post.

The higher authorities (SDM Vasant Kunj Dr. Sonal Swaroop) were busy strutting in arrogance and when finally we got everything , every paper and bit – our certificate was printed with a wrong name.

The one doing it was so casual and the bunch kept laughing as if it was a big joke. When I showed it to higher authority , it was met with a smile – retiterating that it was not a big deal.

We came the next day and collected our certificate. A job of an hour took 1.5 days. I still ask why and for what?

Citizen’s reporter
Sunil Kumar Aledia

Centre for Holistic Development (CHD)