IIM graduate and education entrepreneur pens a collection of Urdu poetry ‘Shayad, Yaheen se ho…’

Prembabu Sharma

‘Shaayad yaheen se ho’, a collection of Urdu poetry by debutante poet Satya Narayanan R (Muasir) was released by Dr. S.Y.Quraishi, India’s Chief Election Commissioner (CEC).
Launch of Satya’s Book (Left to Right)Mr. Bishan Singh Bedi, Mrs. Radha Rama Krishnan, Mr. Satya Narayan R, Dr. S Y Quraishi, India’s Chief Election Commissioner, Prof K.K. Mehta, Mr Rama Krishnan
The book of Urdu poems is dedicated to the Late Professor Akhlaq Mohammed Khan ‘Shahryar’ – Satya’s inspiration to learn Urdu. The songs were also unveiled through artistic expressions via a live vocal music and Kathak (abhinaya/ art of expression) performance by distinguished artists.

‘Shayad Yaheen se ho’ is inspired by themes which closely touch human lives which include mother nature, childhood, love, leadership and reflections from the personal journey. It envisions a very deep and insightful understanding of life and its elements. The poetry in the book is laid out in three scripts-Persian, Roman and Devanagari.

In his peshlafz (foreword), Dr. Karan Singh shares – “Apart from the quality and ambiance of the poems themselves, the remarkable thing is that Satya comes from South India with Tamil as his mother tongue. His father is an eminent Sanskrit scholar. Perhaps, it was because of this exposure to the unique vibrations of Sanskrit from early childhood, that he developed love for these languages and therefore the capacity to write creatively in Urdu.”

Dedicating the book Late ‘Shahryar’, Mr. Satya Narayanan R said, “Shahryar, the most admired Urdu poet of this century, has been an inspiration and his outstanding contribution to literature will inspire many more.’

Talking about his book, Mr. Satya Narayanan R. said, “Learning Urdu was a passion and writing poetries in the same language was like giving life to my expressions about life. Urdu has given me the power for creative expression of thoughts.This has been an exciting journey for me and the experience has been similar to my incredible journey of being a entrepreneur or leading my college cricket team.”

The book is accompanied by an audio CD where the ghazals and nazms have been given a voice by young music artists.

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