Importance of Online Teaching ( #Lockdown Series)- A.S. Chhatwal

A.S. Chhatwal
General Secretary

The global spread of Corona Virus i.e. COVID-19 has disrupted countless activities, and education is no exception.

Technology particularly Communication Technology has progressed immensely in the past few years, offering much needed respite in these trying times.

Online teaching is in the limelight at the moment, as people all around the world have been ushered indoors to help prevent further spread of COVID-19.

There are countless platforms all over the world that offers courses and at very high level.

The online teaching is a smart solution to the challenges in the education system to make available to millions of people at the same time from the best institutions across the world.

Though, there is a growing need for E-learning in our country, but the online teaching is not a fully replaceable forum of learning in comparison to the traditional classroom based education.

Although online education has its limitations, but there are several benefits of online teaching, as well.

ACCESSEBILITY : Online open information portal is accessible anytime, from anywhere to everyone. Since everything in available online, assessing study material and submitting work is very convenient. It also promotes distance learning initiatives to spread the education in rural areas.

COST EFFECTIVE : Online education can cost less due to variety of reasons i.e. commuting, hostel, parking and such other charges.

ACCESS TO EXPERTISE : Traditional students are often limited to the courses in the institutions, close to their home. The online college education give students access to specialized degree courses that may not be available in local institutions of learning.

RELAXED ENVIRONMENT : Some students in classroom environment cannot share their thoughts with others, due to speech anxiety. But in online environment, it can be easier for them.

FLEXIBILITY : On campus students may have to attend the lectures in person that last for hours. Whereas, In online teaching students can use power point presentation of these lectures. It can be especially helpful to those students, who cannot enjoy sitting in one place for too long.

INSTRUCTOR – STUDENT TIME :. Sometimes students in traditional classrooms may not get the personalized attention they need to get concepts clarified. This is not a problem in online teaching, as discussion and personal talk time with the Professor and Lecture is a hall mark. This also increases a chances of students performing well.

I think, in the current scenario, this is the best mode of imparting education and training. It can be imparted across the country and globe at all levels from primary school level to Masters level in higher education and also across all disciplines.