Every human being needs to try for peace: Prem Rawat

Youth Peace Foundation organized a seminar on “Media for Peace and Humanity” in Constitution Club of India in New Delhi in which International Peace Ambassador, Prem Rawat was invited as the main speaker. In the seminar, many media associated renowned people expressed their views including senior journalist, Saeed Naqvi, IIMC Director General, KG Suresh, Deputy Editor of News 24 Channel, Sheetal Rajput, Founder of “Exchange for media”, Anurag Batra and chief of Public Relation Society of India, Ajeet Pathak.

In his address, Prem Rawat said, “Many efforts are being undertaken to bring peace and humanity in this world but peace will not happen unless every human being feels peace inside him. He said that peace is not any thought or concept rather it’s to be experienced. He said that heart is that place where our goodness resides, where my knowledge and compassion resides. Prem Rawat said that if we start looking at ourselves as human being, then it will make a lot of difference. We need to start love and peace from ourselves only. Peace should first be attained within us and with our family then only it will come in this world.

Senior journalist, Saeed Naqvi said that media is giving more attention on it’s own benefits. Every news is being served in the form of entertainment, whereas media should also try to highlight the good work being done for public welfare. KG Suresh said that the media’s form has changed after the introduction of Google. Media instead of following others, should take the lead role in the field of peace and humanity. Anurag Batra and Dr. Ajeet Pathak raised questions on the importance and its value whereas Sheetal Rajput, said that media along with preserving its commercial rights is also focusing on bringing the subjects of public welfare before the society.

Prem Rawat while replying to the media questions said that there is anger inside human being and there is humbleness too. The need is to feel that peace residing in one’s heart and making this life successful. For this, every human being needs to try. Prem Rawat is spreading the message of peace in the whole world for the last 52 years.

The seminar was organized by Youth Peace Foundation. Foundation through its various efforts is trying to bring peace and humanity in the society. More than 5000 young volunteers are engaged in fulfilling foundation’s objectives and enhancing the healthy and hygienic atmosphere from various locations of the country. Foundation organizes events for speakers engaged on an international level in the field of peace. Organizing peace march and painting competition etc in schools and other institutions by Foundation is really appreciable.