Indian Girl Akanksha Arora may be the next  UN Secretary-General

(Dwarka Parichay News Desk/New York)

February 12, 2021 As present UN Secretary General  Antonio Guterres Lusts For 2d Term An Indian girl Akanksha Arora has decided to take on him and fight the coming elections declaring  him as a failure .

Akanksha Arora an Alumni of Delhi Public School, Mathura Road Delhi and Graduate in commerce from Hans raj College, Delhi University before leaving India for further studies is all set to stall the moves by Antonio Guterres, current Secretary General of UN  to try to get five more years in the UN Mansion on Sutton Place by further selling out human rights, banning the Press which asks questions about genocide in Cameroon, peacekeepers’ rapes and Chinese bribes at the UN continue.

Akanksha Arora a Chartered Accountancy (CA) by profession working at higher post in the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) has decided to challenge corrupt Antonio Guterres who has till date done nothing for benefit of the refugees world wide .

” Guterres has taken United Nations system to new low during his past Five year term   how low Guterres has taken the UN system. The UN has not failed because we lack resources. We annually burn through more than 50 billion dollars. Most of what we spend goes to bureaucracy. Less than 30 cents of every dollar goes to the beneficiaries….Not enough has been done other than reshuffling of the bureaucracy and recycling ineffective leaders with new titles and nameplates.  What ails the UN is a failure of leadership.” Said annoyed Akanksha Arora

Akanksha is an employee of the United Nations and was part of António Guterres’s financial reforms team. “António Guterres proposed reforms were like the previous seven reforms of the UN. A reshuffle and an unnecessary expansion of the bureaucracy,” said Akanksha.

“The UN is failing people,” said Akanksha. “There are 85 million refugees and displaced people in the world, the highest number ever recorded. Half are children. Half have been displaced for more than 10 years. Why are we not prioritizing their needs?”

“Humanitarian relief programs initiated years ago by the UN have failed millions who continue to live amid bloody civil strife and decrepit human conditions. Forty years ago, GDP in China was below all but three African countries. Today, China is an economic superpower, while African countries that have received nearly all of the UN’s development aid since 1980 remain the poorest in the world,” said Akanksha.

“What ails the UN is a failure of leadership,” said Akanksha. “The UN doesn’t need more money. It needs to better use the $50 billion it spends annually.”

Akanksha’s family relocated from Pakistan to India after the partition in 1947. She was born in India, raised in India and Saudi Arabia before moving to Canada. She has written three publications on campaign financing for Elections Canada and CPA Canada. She was a lecturer at the University of Toronto. She served as a manager at PricewaterhouseCoopers while auditing government, NGO, and fortune 500 companies before being recruited by the UN to modernize its financial processes and controls. She also served on the UN’s Financial Reform team.  She graduated Summa Cum Laude from York University, became a CPA in Canada in 2012, and earned a Master of Public Administration degree from Columbia University in 2019.