Indian Prime Minister’s UAE visit: A diplomatic wonder


(Guinness Record Holder & RTI Activist)

It was indeed a diplomatic wonder when Indian Prime Minister during short-planned two-day visit made UAE agree on allotting land and permission for building temple in that country. It will be the first temple in UAE where there are reports that till now even carrying photos of Hindu gods and goddesses in that country was not allowed. Motivating for a huge investment of rupees 4.5 lakh crores, support to curb terrorism and support for permanent membership for India in Security Council of United Nations Organisations are other achievements of this highly successful short UAE-trip of Indian Prime Minister.

Indian Prime Minister even did not spare earlier NDA regime while expressing regret on Indian Prime Ministers not visiting UAE in last 34 years even though thirty-percent population of that country is of Indians. Indian Prime Minister was at his best oratory skill while addressing 70000-strong Indians at Dubai Cricket Stadium on 17.08.2015. However his speech would have been ideal if he would have avoided just a single sentence about his victory in 2014-elections of Lok Sabha. Foreign land should be avoided by any Indian political ruler to highlight political achievement in his/her own country.