Author Sherry TEDx Speaker spoke on Subconscious Graduation

Once there was a boy, who by nature was very inquisitive, as all the children are normally found to be. One day he asked his mother – ‘What he is worth all about?’ The mother got puzzled how to handle the question. She then decided to reply by showing an example. 

She gave a stone to his son and asked him to come back after knowing the worth of it. He obediently went out to explore the real worth of the stone. He came across a vegetable vendor and asked him to tell the worth of stone. Unprepared the vendor got stuck. He weighed it in hand and said it is around 200 gm you can take that much of vegetables. Not satisfied he went ahead.

A Contractor was busy constructing a building he  asked him the same question. Contractor said – ‘Oh I was looking for such a piece of stone to fill a hole in the wall. But I have nothing to offer you in return.’ Fearing to lose the stone he proceeded further. Some street boys were playing in the park. They snatched it and threw it upwards as a ball. He got hold of it and ran. At last he saw a jweller shop. Seeing the glitter in the shop he went inside and politely asked his patent question. To his surprise the jweller offered him a bagful of money in lieu of stone. But he recalled all the experience and took sought permission to get a nod from his mother.

Returning home he told the whole story to his mother. Mother replied – Every one will look at you the way they think of themselves. Your worth is best known to your Guru or teacher (mother) who has helped and seen you you growing. Who better can understand the ‘value’ of yourself than you yourself. It depends how further you add value to yourself. Your value is always escalable so keep exploring within.

In one of a TEDx programme in Delhi on 21.4.19 myself and Author Sherry Founder President ‘MS Talks India’ went to Reception Desk to have a Poster bearing the photos of days scholar speakers, including his, as a Momento. There was none on the the desk but one was  lying on the floor. Author Sherry spotted it and asked for it. In a fraction of second, it stuck me to add value to it.

I got his autograph on his photo. After all he was one of the TEDx Speaker of the Day who spoke on the concept of – ‘Subconscious Graduation ‘, principally dealing with elevating subconscious. 
Be the one, where your signature add value to a piece of paper. 

Story by : Mukesh Bhatnagar