The International Road Federation (IRF) has called for concerted efforts to reduce road traffic fatalities in the country especially after dark hours . India accounts for 10% of global road accident deaths. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) recorded 4.86 lakh accidents with 1.38 lakh fatalities in the year 2013.

The United Nations has set a target of reducing fatal road accidents by 50 Per cent by 2020. India is a signatory to the resolution.

“About 50 % of fatal road accidents take place in India after dark hours mainly due to decreased visibility as the distance a driver can see is shortened and so hazards can often seem to appear out of nowhere. It also takes time for the eyes to adjust to the darkness after being in a lit building or after driving on a well-lit road.”said Mr K K Kapila, Chairman, International Road Federation (IRF)

“Most of the accidents at dark hours including twilight and morning fog are attributed to lack of lights, driving or riding under influence of alcohol, higher driving speeds due to empty roads, poor road engineering , construction site non safety measures, impaired night vision etc. said Mr K.K. Kapila. Chairman, IRF .

Mr K K Kapila Chairman , IRF
“During the year 2013 In Delhi alone about 964 fatal accidents happened at night as compared to 852 in the day time. Till August 2014 577 people have died in fatal nigh accidents as compared to 537 at day time. Most of these accidents take place between 9.00 P.M. till 8 A.M.“ said Mr Kapila, taking figures quoted by by Delhi Traffic Police .

“Introduction of new Interceptors with night vision facilities for enforcement, Augmentation of towing/lifting/hauling equipments, Introduction of traffic signals, blinkers and auditory signals, Introduction of gantry mounted speed check (Day & Night) cameras at vulnerable locations, Installation of variable message sign boards , and Integration & augmentation of Traffic Control Centre can help in reduction of fatal road accidents after dark hours” added Mr Kapila.

“ The other measures needed to reduce fatal road accidents at dark include revising safety features in Vehicles for night driving, improving road infrastructure and road engineering , Night time enforcement use of reflective tapes to bring in high visibility and creating road safety environment at dark” said Mr Kapila.