The students of class XI and XII of R.D. Rajpal School had an enriching session conducted by Dr. Aman Nidhi, a doctor and a specialist in handling career counseling and teenage issues. It was an interactive session which presented unlimited career opportunities and also helped to satisfy the doubts in students’ minds.

The serious consequences of making wrong career choices were explained in detail by the counseling expert. She made it clear that it is very crucial for an individual to join a career that suits his/her aptitude, emphasizing the fact that a profession which is thrust upon one, would make one a miserable failure. During the interaction, it became evident that elders also are responsible for wrong career choices for their children. It is desired that all the pros and cons of a particular career are openly discussed with the children and thereby they are guided properly in selecting a profession that is best suited for them.

At the end of the session, the students felt enriched and expressed their gratitude to the counsellor. Such regular sessions of interaction and exposure to the students will make the journey of career choices easier and would empower the students to make informed choices, so that they can realize their true potential, make a meaningful contribution to the society and lead fruitful lives.