Journalism is a difficult job to do- Shradha Sharma

Prembabu Sharma

Actor Shradha Sharma who impressed Rakhi Sawant and Farah Khan some days ago is now working day and night hard to impress her fans. And Fans! Be ready to see their favourite celebrity playing the lead role in upcoming Hindi film “Sarfaroshi”

There were few scripts in her hand but why shradha chosen this film is only because of the challenging role of journalist which she would play in the film. While shooting this film Shradha realised that how difficult is to be a journalist. She says, “Journalism is a difficult job to do and it took many shots to give a final one but I like and satisfied with the character I have got and working hard to give this role a real effect”

She also added, “I have sympathy for those journalists who work without caring about their life and sometimes even sacrifice it for the sake of our country’s pride and I salute them for their courage”

Well, Shradha is playing the lead role in the Film Sarfaroshi opposite to actor/producer Dillzan Wadia and the film will be directed by Mr. Bhagirathi.