M K Gupta

At the outset, let me make it clear that I am not against any religious programmes as we belong to a religious family. But such events should be held by honouring the law of the land after taking due permissions. I am doubtful about the permission for such programmes on this ground. There may be no harm to use a vacant land for other purpose till the ground is available but money for use of the ground should not go in unauthorized private hands and should go to the government exchequer. As of now, I am not alleging any dealing for some underhand payment.

Legally speaking, when the DDA has allotted this ground for some group for the hospital, that group is the owner of this ground till the DDA takes back its possession by canceling the allotment for not honouring the commitment. However, if the group has not been granted any extension by the competent authority, legal pundits can answer whether it still belongs to it legally.

In the recent past, Baba Asa Ram ji organized a big religious gathering for 2-3 days and made the Dwarka a religious ‘Nagri’. Now, Sri Sathya Sai Baba ji is visiting Delhi and will give public darshan at this ground on 10th and 12 to 14th April. It may be possible that he or even the organisors may not be aware of the background of this ground. Sri Sai Baba ji has reportedly decided to sell his property at Kodaikanal etc. and spent rupee ten crore for building 700 permanent houses for the homeless, and raised two schools there.

Primarily, DDA is responsible for its lackadaisical approach. In reply of our recent RTI application, DDA indirectly admitted that it is not aware of the ground reality as it mentioned in its answer that a survey would be conducted to know the facts. But, when everything before our eyes on the use of this ground, is it not surprising that the DDA is unaware of all this. It has its tow offices (one in Sector 5 and other at Mangla Puri), which are about only few kilometers away from this ground.

As mentioned above, we are not against the use of vacant ground but the primary question is why all other activities like using the ground as play ground, car training centre and so on are being undertaken on this ground, why not even a single brick has been laid for the construction of the hospital? Who is responsible to give this answer to the Dwarkaites?

DF has already considering raising the demand to bring the DMRC into picture by giving it a contract for the construction of the hospital. DMRC is now seems to be the only agency in Delhi, which can do this work within the time frame or even before that, if it agree to take over this project.

We should consider demanding the cancellation of lease/ allotment to the present owners and transfer the ground to some agency, which can take up the construction forthwith and can start the hospital at an early date.

This should not be construed that we are against the religion or its real leading lights (Not tainted Swami Bhimanand or Nityanand) (Not forgotten to use ji but deliberately skipped to use that). I beg apology to who those are not in agreement with me.

With Best Regards to All and without malaise to Any.