Issues affecting the homeless residents (City Makers) in Delhi

​Sunil Kumar Aledia , Dr. Indu Prakash Singh, Amita Joseph, Shivani Chaudhry, Bipin Rai, and Manish Kumar) met Arvind Kejriwal, on 30th March 2015 and showed him the papers and also the video of the 10th Jan., 2015 event where, Mr. Ashish Joshi evicted a homeless man around 11:15 pm, after snatching his blanket too.

Aasish Joshi Stng watching Arvind Kejriwal on Tab  with Indu Prakash Singh,
Sunil Kumar Aledia at Delhi secretariat (CM’s Office)
We discussed many other issues affecting the homeless residents (City Makers) in Delhi, as well.  We told Arvind very clearly when we met him that we will not go for any meetings with the DDC until people like Ashish Joshi are there. And we are amazed that he used the office of DDC to file the FIR against us. We are glad that by night of 30th, we got to know this officer was removed. One of the quickest decisions ever taken.