Janmashtami celebrations have already begun and a variety of programmes are being organized throughout this period at the sprawling ISKCON temple at East of Kailash.

As part of the celebrations, a dance drama on Krishna Leela was organized on Independence Day. The play depicted scenes from the life and times of Lord Krishna, as the troupe ‘Vaikuntha Players’ enacted scenes right from the birth of the Lord till the time the Lord gives Margadarshan to Arjuna, when Arjuna is uncertain, confused and perplexed about the course of action to be taken by him on the battlefield.

The centerpiece of the play was a Bharatanatyam dance recital by Dwarka-based Bharatanatyam artistes, Sapna Attavar, Anusha Ramchandran, Lavanya and Durga, all disciples of renowned Guru, Smt. Kanaka Sudhakar, Founder-Director Nrityabharati. The dance portrayed the ‘Yog Maaya’. On hearing the news of the eighth born child, the evil Kansa rushes to kill the girl. He pays no heed to Devki’s heart-rending pleas to spare the girl. Kansa snatches the child from Devaki and just as he is about to bang her against the floor as he had done with the previous six children, the girl vanishes into thin air. Kansa is told that his slayer has been born and is safe in Gokul. The girl child was none other than Yogmaya (Divine Illusion). The dance ‘Aigiri Nandini’ commences with a thoroughly frightened Kansa on stage, culminating with a ferocious Durga holding up the Trishul against the chest of Kansa lying fearfully on the ground. The choreography of this piece was done by Tripti Kalra, also a disciple of Guru Smt. Kanaka Sudhakar.
The dances of Krishna with the Gopis in Vrindavan were also extremely graceful and colourful, as were all the characters, who received abundant applause from a large and appreciative audience.

The play was conceived, scripted and directed by HG Adi Yogi Das Prabhu of ISKCON East of Kailsah.

ISKCON will be celebrating Janmashtami at the Rukmini Dwarkadheesh temple in Sector 13, Dwarka with several programmes lined up the whole day. Students of Nrityabharati Tripti Kalra, Sapna Attavar and Anusha Ramchandran will perform a Bharatanatyam recital on Lord Krishna, holding stage for an hour between 7 and 8 pm on 18 August 2014.Dwarkaites are all invited to witness the dance and receive blessings of Lord Krishna.

Report & photo
Mythili Attavar