Janta Durbar is a first baby step towards Swa-Raj

Rakesh Manchanda

Janta Durbar of CM and others ministers is a baby`s first step to help defeat the unfair System which was supposed to be nursed holistically but needs external support of subsidy now.

The way people in large number are pouring in any AAP meeting with loads of their collective and personnel grievances shows that how the hidden `pains` stands unaddressed since several years by the old broken and disconnected system.

People in Janta Durbar or Mohalla Sammitti are so passionate to getting connected with new leaders that they fight to grab the mike and want to air their pains and grievances.

Instead of Pehley aap !.. Pehley aap ! organised civil adminstration in such public meetings at times it goes out of hand and becomes a satire with `pehle ! me` `pehla ! me` syndrome.

At present I trying to establish a Jan sampark yatra each day to meet people of East Delhi constituency and understand their problems.

A girl from Gandhi Nagar phoned me on my number saying that she wants to stop the alcohol habit of his dad and wants all the liquor shops to get closed immediately ? My humble submission is instead of outsourcing help there should be neighbours and relative help to streamline such problem.

Even in Gandhi`s Gujarat there is `daru` being sold in backdoors of `Kirana` Shop which national policy attention.

Imagine a small cut while shaving a beard. Do we have to run to hospital for medical ?

No ! we have to allow the body holistic swaraj and `civil engineers` body platelets to naturally stitch the minor blood flow and stop the blood by cold water and by manual pressing.

Rather than skilfully employing the complexities of people`s relationship with Nagar Sevak and itself to an advantage, the rotten old system allowed its misplaced judgment to cloud its decision-making on palm greasers and corrupt middle man. Instead of wielding a partnership with the people of Delhi by addressing their grievances and assuaging their fears, `Netas` had put in place a system of extended patronage pivoted on select individuals. This was to serve as a one-stop fix-it-all. Not only was it a short cut to “manage” the state rather than “govern” it, it was also a means of checking dissent and Delhi inherent proclivity for self-governance which old traditional political parties perceived as secession.

If a young teenager is in a hurry to learn riding and balancing the cycle he should be encouraged and initial failure and falling down is good.

The new government Janta Durbar step needs to be welcomed. Need of the hour is mohalla samatti organization to shoot trouble of residents and evolve mechanism for fire fighting with organised handling.

People as real owners of new system need some time to take simple, wise and fair decisions to deliver and protect the Swa-Raj or Self Raj.