JMIS Celebrates ‘PRAYAS 2011’

The cold and vibrant morning of December 24, 2011 witnessed the triumphant energy and mesmerizing performances of JMIANS, leaving the viewers gasped and proud as well, as JM INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL celebrated Junior School’s Sports Day, “PRAYAS”- The Celebration of Childhood.

The Program began with the Principals’ welcome speech wherein greeting was offered to School Chairman, Mr. RB Gupta and Mr. Yogesh Gupta, Director JMIS and to the Chief Guest, Mr. Virender Srivastav, honorable member of advisory board, who declared the meet open by hoisting the school flag and releasing vibrant coloured balloons, symbolizing the aspirations of JMIANS.

Torch relay by the youngest members of JMIS family sparked the feel of Sports’ Day. Artistic Yoga was presented magnificently by the students of class II was followed by recreational races for prep, nursery and class I-II comprising of Basket Race, Bindi Race, Bursting the Balloon, Beading Race; and Get Ready for School, Get ready for Party, Toffee Race and Collect the Ball race respectively.

Students’ enthusiastic participation and impressive winning in races, kick boxing, skating, martial arts bagged those shinning medals and certificates, replica of their success.

After the students, was the turn of institution? JMIS has been extremely fortunate to receive the most prestigious award of British Council: ISA (International School Award) 2011. This has been possible due the hard work of Staff and students who participated in different activities in Art and craft, Music and Dance, Presentation of Display Board, UNESCO projects etc, under the valuable guidance of Principal Ms. Anuradha Govind. Henceforth, school can use the logo of the British Council in all its publication. Principal ma’am and every project in charge were graced with valuable Certificates.

The hard work and creativity of the staff members, students and head Teachers’ shined on the field in the grand and perfect synchronization in Skating and karate events.

While students of prep and nursery, tapping on the ground, won the show. Grand Finale participants extended wishes for Christmas and New Year. The program concluded under the able guidance of Principal Ms. Anuradha Govind. In her address to parents she thanked parents for being a support and for their cooperation. Emphasizing on the child’s individuality ma’am said that each child is born with a number of inherent talents. We should provide opportunities to the young learner to realize his/her potential.