Kapil Sibbal launched Music of the film “Dilli gang”

PremBabu Sharma

Everyone has some hidden talent or creativity and so our Law Minister Mr. Kapil Sibal has. Very less people or Probably No one knows that our minister has the talent of writing and Singing. Yes, Mr. Kapil Sibal is a very good singer and lyricist.

On the occasion of Music Launch of an upcoming Hindi film “Dilli Gang”, our Law minister Mr. Kapil Sibal launched the music of the film. He has written two songs in the film and even sung it. The title track of “Dilli Gang” is sung by him only.

On the occasion of promotion and music Launch, Director of the film Ashish Tyagi & producer Radha Tyagi with their star cast Darshan Jariwala, Neena Kulkarni, Yashpal Sharma, Asif Bhasra & Amir Dalvi were present and witnessed the event.
Mr. Sibal looked excited about his debut as singer and lyricist in the bollywood and congratulated the director Ashish Tyagi and said, “I appreciate the work that Director Ashish Tyagi has done in the film. He tried to fill the huge gap between the two important generations, youth and old aged people.”

“Dilli Gang” is an inspired film based on our segregated and lonely senior citizens, who get neglected by their own children settled in abroad. The film depicts the story of those rich old aged people who faces lots of intricacies in their final days of life, who sometimes get robbed or even murdered for their wealth. The film is inspired from many real incidents happened in our nation.