Karate coach in Dwarka

Karate is very important part of human life.- S.K.YADAV
At the age five only, he started learning boxing and Karate from Mr.Ali-a Boxing & Karate coach in military camp, Santa Cruise, Mumbai. Rest is the history. Sunil Yadav-famous Karate coach who has already produced more than fifty national players from Dwarka itself that too within a short span of seven years only. Born on 16 th May, 1977, his father is a retired Air Force officer. He did his Master degree in Physical Education from Degree College of Physical Education, Amravati , Maharashtra , India . He has a team of dedicated and experienced karate coaches who are working under him. He is also the Founder of Dwarka Shotokan Karate Club. Recently he spoke to S.S.DOGRA-Managing Editor, DwarkaParichay.com and revealed so many important things about his Karate field. Q.Who can learn Karate? Ans.There is no age and sex bar, anyone can learn Martial Arts. Even the physically challenged individual can learn martial arts because it is not just kicking and punching. Q.What is the role of Karate in human life? Ans.With the help of it, you can gain self-defense and character development in your life. Karate is very important part of human life. Q. How many clubs are working in Delhi ? Ans. About 10-15 Karate clubs are doing well in Delhi . Q. Name few dedicated coaches working in Delhi . Ans. Karate coaches like Vikcy Kapoor, Neelima Sharma, Kalicharan Singh, Satnam Singh Happy, Bharat Sharma, Shiv Thapa, Abha Sharma, Praveen Saini, Ramesh, Shekhar, Ram Babu are giving very useful training in different parts of Delhi . Q. When you started giving karate coaching? Ans. Actually, I did my Post Graduate degree in Physical Education where I started coaching in Degree College of Physical Education-Amravati-Maharashtra 1996. The fee was only Rs.30/-p.m. and I trained around three to four hundred students there. Q.What is your background in Karate? Have you got any formal training in it? Ans.I took Karate training from my idol coach-W.Kandy Singh(Manipur), who has 6 degree black belt Thailand . I got black belt in 1995 and Shihan C.S.Bhatraja 6 degree black belt of Bilaspur, M.P. was the examiner. Q. What is your contribution in the field of Karate? Ans. I was given very important responsibility during Karate National Championship at Amravati College , Maharashtra where more than seventy black belt holders worked under me. We successfully organized the said event and now, after twelve years, with sincere efforts, another National Championship was held at Guru Harikishan Public School , India Gate, New Delhi in the last week of December. Sports Karate Federation of India was the organizer of the said championship where hundreds of participants from 27 states of India took part. Q. Any other memorable moment for you? Ans.The visit of Sensei Jim Palmer, Scotland (6 degree Black Belt) in Dwarka was the pride moment for club. It was really a very important visit of Sensei Palmer because eight students successfully passed the Black Belt examination under his supervision.Source: DwarkaParichay News & Information Services