“Digital India or Skill India is the only way to make our country stronger.” Says Rashmi Malik.

Mrs. Rashmi Malik – Principal
Delhi International School

Interview By: S.S.Dogra

Mrs. Rashmi Malik firmly believes that “Digital India or Skill India is the only way to make our country stronger as progressive country can only give a quality life to its citizens. According to her, “Everything comes down to a simple formula which is to keep your roots firmly grounded in Ancient Indian system and extend the branches in the world.” Yes, She is not only an educationist but also a great motivator. Presently, she is working as a Principal in Delhi International School, Sector-23,Dwarka. She is Master in IT & having more than 20 years of experience in field of school education. In a long conversation, She Spoke to Dwarka Parichay and exchanged her views about education & IT sector in India.

Your academic background & experience in the field of education.
I am Master in IT and have now more than 20 yrs of experience in school education field and before that I was working in the corporate IT world as Trainer cum software engineer.

What is the role of IT in the Education Sector?

 Information Technology has permeated in almost all the areas in the world as much as that today life feels useless without smart devices. In Education Sector its usage is utmost important as in order to make future ready citizens usage of IT has to be the base of the systems in school and class rooms.

How digitization is helpful for students & faculty in the modern world?
Digitization has made the data storage and analysis very convenient, now students can check all the questions and their solutions online. They can also attend supportive lectures online to help the understanding of various topics. Teachers have benefitted immensely as they are able to store question banks, result analysis and other information required to work on children year after year.

What sort of award you have recently received in the field of digitization?
We have been recognized recently by a premier IT magazine for usage of IT in school and online presence and they have ranked us at number 9 in Delhi. Delhi International School has been also awarded at World Education Summit 2016 at Dubai for Impelling Innovations in Pedagogy through various projects undertaken in school which is showing remarkable improvement in concentration of students leading to better academic and extra-curricular results.

Being the head of the institution , how do you see the future of Indian Students after five years from now?
India being the only country in the world which everyone is looking up to for growth at a time when many countries in the world are still recovering from recession, Indian students are bound to have advantage over others in almost all the areas of expertise, they are bound to take over more important positions all across the world and lead the world making India a major super power soon.

India is doing remarkably in digitization or IT Field , what do you expect for your students or share your students achievements , if any.
In Digital world age is no longer a criteria for success, today you will find CEOs of online companies as young as 15 yrs old kid who are creative and have a knack of the digital world. Many students of my school are excelling in this area especially in the world of animation. We have some best brains who are doing exceptional work in IT and their work is showcased in our various events.

Explain about your new concept of Therapy.

Its not a therapy but a simple exercise which was used as punishment in ancient Indian gurukuls as well as schools. The exercise is called Super Brain Yoga a yogic technique to balance the human energy thereby increasing the concentration power and behaviour in humans. We make everyone do this everyday in assembly and it is showing remarkable results in our students of the school.

How can you define, a good school should possess?
Every school needs to focus on one thing and that is “No child is left behind” as every child has some or other capabilities which if guided well becomes their main passion in life and if one follows the passion , success is guaranteed. We owe to the society a happy and confident future citizen and cannot shy away from our duties to do so in the name of various pressures. We must take complete responsibility of making a beautiful literate person out of the beautiful little kid.

What is your personal opinion about Skill India or Digital India?
Digital India or Skill India is the only way to make our country stronger as progressive country can only give a quality life to its citizens. The world is becoming smarter and so should we. Personally i feel that through digitally strong skilled population prosperity will be brought in the country making it more comfortable for people to have beautiful life.

Any message for the Parent & Students.
Today the world is going through lots of upheavals , society is changing , weather is unpredictable even the various areas of earnings are changing. There are many areas of work of 10-15 yrs back which you will not find in today’s world. Today along with knowledge the child needs to learn how to think creatively to face challenges the life offers unannounced. We need to give strong values to our kids and lots of peace and happiness with appropriate opportunities so as to help them explore life moment by moment.

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