She has been Passionate for Fashion Industry since her childhood. She is a Post Graduate in Fashion Industry from IIFT Meerut. Presently, Working with Karan Oberoi, & got an opportunity & signed up 5 Bollywood Movies with 3rd Rock. Yes, she is none other then Shubhi Tyagi. Recently, our Managing Editor S.S.Dogra spoke to her & she shared lot of issues about fashion industry. Let’s check it out.

How do u come into fashion Industry?
My Passion for Fashion Industry was since my childhood. I did my professional courses from IIFT ( Meerut ) and Joined Taurus Entertainments INC. as a Designer in April 2013.

Define yourself : are you a fashion designer or a choreographer?
I am a Fashion Designer doing Indian Ethnics and Haute Couture

Have u got any formal education before entering into this profession? 
Yes, I am a Post Graduate from International Institute of Fashion Designing.

What is your educational qualification?
I am a Post Graduate. Done My M.A. from Meerut and Post Graduate 3 years Course from IIFT ( Meerut )

Are you from (which city)?

I am basically from Meerut. But right now settled in Delhi.

What is the scope in this profession?
Scope for a Fashion Designer increases with age and experience. Unlike modeling Industry, where a model’s life is maximum 8-10 years, a Fashion Designer gain more experience, expertise, exposure and respect as he/she grows.

What is the parameter for a designer? Qualities should a designer possess to get success ?
The fashion industry is exploding and everyone, it seems, is vying for a part in the action. To get ahead in the business and sit with the ranks of Manish Malhotra and Tarun Tahiliani, you as an aspiring designer should have some of the same qualities like :
1. Strong Business Sense A great fashion designer has excellent business skills. You understand budgets, marketing, and sales concepts that are vital to getting designs produced and sold.
2. Good Communication A number of people are involved in the creation of a garment, and as designer, you must be able to effectively communicate to everyone involved what he or she expects.
3. Sense of Competition You continually strive to do better than your peers to come up with quality innovative designs quickly.
4. Highly Creative You have a great sense of style and are constantly coming up with new ideas for fashions.
5. Strong Drawing Skills Excellent drawing skills mean you can easily sketch your ideas onto paper to start the production process.
6. Good Eye for Materials You have an eye for the materials of a garment, as well as the elements that make it unique, such as color and fabric.
7. Strong Sewing Skills You can construct the garments you design. You understand what materials work best in the designs you are developing.
8. Team Player Great fashion designers work well as part of a team. Designing a garment for production involves the work of many, from pattern making to sewing to shipping. As designer, you must be able to work well with all involved.
9. Knowledgeable of Current Fashion Trends You follows trends and have a good eye for anticipating what your audience will respond to next.
10. Strong Visualization Abilities Good fashion designers can visualize a garment before ever putting an idea on paper. You can see the finished product well before production and can put your ideas into words and onto paper so others can grasp the idea as well.

Name few Prominent Fashion Designer/Choreographer/Bollywood star with whom u work & enjoyed.

I worked with Soltee by Sulakshana Monga, Pankaj Kothari, Regalia. Bollywood Celebs, I worked with Honey Singh, Manjari Phadnis, Varun Sharma, Mika Singh, Dilbagh Singh and lot more. I love to work with Babla Kathuria as a Fashion Choreographer.

Whether Fashion Designer has the potential to enter into Cinema/film? 
Of course, Yes, We can see major Fashion Designers Like Manish Malhotra, Neeta Lulla, Krishna Mehta, Ritu Berry who have captured the Bollywood Industry. And all the major bollywood celebrities love to wear Designer Clothes rather than the normal fashion outfits.

Name few famous Magazine/TV channel/website (Indian/foreign) that are promoting fashion industry/beauty shows.

ZOOM, NDTV, TLC, Delhi Times, Dwarka Parichay,, Aetlier, Cosmopolitant and Lot More….

Any award for your work?
Awarded as the Best Designer by AAJ KI DELHI.

Any message for the upcoming models/choreographer/fashion designers.
I would just like to say one thing to all the people of Fashion Fraternity, that please do your respective jobs with a dedication and worship. You put your heart and soul and success will follow you. Trust God.

Success mantra of your life?