LBSIM organized an interactive session with a passionate nature photographer, Mr. P.K. Datta

LBSIM organized an interactive discussion session with a passionate nature photographer, Mr. P.K. Datta at LBSIM on 27th November 2017. Mr. Datta is working for promoting Environmental Awareness across Delhi. The theme of the discussion at LBSIM was “Empowering Environment by Connecting People to Plants”. PGDM students enthusiastically interacted with the guest and engaged in a discussion on “Nature and its connect with human life”. 

 On the same day, a Photo Exhibition was organized in the amphitheater of the Institute by Mr. Datta showcasing some unusual photographs of Mother Nature, interpreted by him in the light of different aspects of daily life as experienced by people. The collection of photographs was thought provoking and aimed at increasing the awareness of students in collaborating with Mother Nature as they traversed the path of life. 
Mr. Datta cautioned students about deteriorating climatic conditions in Delhi and called for active participation by students to counter this ever-increasing menace. His address evoked a favourable response from them. In the interactive session, some students shared that they were associated with different social organisations working in the field of environment.