There have been a number of queries from general public regarding liberalization of policy of conversion on the basis of General Power of Attorney and Agreement to Sell announced by Ministry of Urban Development last week. In public interest the following is clarified: 

The execution of Conveyance Deed of DDA built up flats disposed of on freehold basis from 01.04.1992 onwards will be allowed by DDA on the basis of un-registered General Power of Attorney and Agreement to Sell executed during the period from 01.04.1992 to 23.09.2001. From 02.09.2001onwards and upto 10.10.2011 i.e. before the date of pronouncement of the judgement of Hon’ble Supreme Court of India dated 11.10.2011 in case of Suraj Lamp Industries Pvt. Ltd. –vs- State of Haryana & Anr. [in SLP (C) No. 13917 of 2009] conversion will be allowed only on the basis of registered General Power of Attorney and Agreement to Sell. However, in both such conversions surcharge of 66-2/3%, in addition to conversion charges as applicable on the date of submission of application will be charged. In case of flats initially allotted on higher purchase basis from 01.04.1992, conversion into freehold / execution of Conveyance Deed will be allowed on the above given terms and conditions only if the Applicant clears all dues such as installments, interest charges, penalty, if any.

It may be mentioned that from 1992 onwards DDA had allotted flats on freehold basis but before execution of the Conveyance Deed in the name of the original allottee, many allottees had sold these flats on General Power of Attorney and Agreement to Sell basis. There are thousands of cases of this nature pending with DDA as conversion for flats disposed of on free-hold basis was not being allowed. All these allottees will now, with the announcement of liberalization of policy, be able to get flats converted in the name of General Power of Attorney and Agreement to Sell holders but from 2001 such General Power of Attorney and Agreement to Sell has to be registered. This has been necessitated as orders in this direction have been issued by Delhi Government.

The application brochure which the applicants can use is the same as basically there is no change in the scheme as such, excepting that it has been further liberalized facilitating conversion of flats allotted on free hold basis. The details of the policy and conversion charges and surcharge on conversion charges by way of extra 66-2/3% on conversion have been calculated by DDA and are being provided to the perspective applicants along with the brochure. The applicants can also apply online and the details of procedure for online submission of application is given at DDA has also announced that in case any person wants to seek any further clarification Director [Housing]-I, who sits in Vikas Sadan, New Delhi, can be contacted.