Life Journey Together

Manohar Luthra
Thirty six years ago you became my wife
On September 24th to share my life
Years have passed like days
Together we lived life in many ways
Some moments of joy and some of sorrow
Some spent with bitterness and some with
Hope for a brighter tomorrow 
You carried all burden
To make our home sweet and beautiful, toiled so hard
God blessed us with two lovely daughters in reward
You gave direction to my wayward life
And guided me to be worldly wise
You gave me strength when I was weak
Encouraged me to be strong and not to be meek
You pulled weeds from my way
To make this world a place for my comfortable stay
You are the reason why I am out of blue
Because your love for me is true
When in pensive mood my thoughts take a flight
Like an angel you expel the darkness of my night
My sweetheart how can I ever thank you?
For all you have done for me
I only assure you yours forever to be
No man is hero for his wife it is said
Nothing will break us apart
For you are custodian of my heart
Let us live together for years many many more
Let our love, passion and togetherness grow
But I promise I’ll always be there by your side
As a caring husband, friend and a guide
Like a free bird in the sky we soar