Love in The midst of Business Rivalry

Prembabu Shrma​

All is fair in love and war, they say … but what if there is love and there is war at the same time? Such is the case of Twinkle, the leading lady of Zee TV’s next primetime drama ‘Tashn-e -Ishq’, starting 10th August. Twinkle is a typically adorable Punjabi kudi and a complete drama queen! Her love story is set against the vibrant backdrop of upscale, upwardly mobile Punjab where, at times, business rivalries and games of one-upmanship color the personal equations between entrepreneurs and industrialists. As luck would have it, Twinkle’s mother and that of her love interest Yuvraj– both sharp-as-nails, ambitious and competitive businesswomen Anita Luthra and Leela Taneja, have scores to settle both personally and professionally. Twinkle’s love story takes an interesting turn when Leela Taneja selects Kunj as a suitable match for her. Will Twinkle’s love endure the complications presented by her mother being at loggerheads with Yuvraj’s or will Leela Taneja be successful in sowing the seeds of a new romance in Twinkle’s heart? Join Twinkle on her journey of Ummeed – her search for true love and happiness!

The show is being produced by Essel Vision Production Ltd, the content engine of ZEEL. Essaying the roles of the two warring mothers Leela and Anita in ‘Tashn-e-Ishq’ are veteran actors Vaishanvi Mcdonald and Eva Grover respectively. The two stalwarts have played several meaty roles most convincingly in the course of their prolific careers on television.

Visiting the city of Delhi today to promote her upcoming show, an excited Vaishanvi McDonald says, “I started my career with Zee TV’s show Chingari … then went on to be a part of Choti Maa and more recently, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke. So, it’s been a glorious and truly rewarding association. In Tashn-e-Ishq, I play the role of Leela Taneja, a role as different as can be from my character of Shail in Sapne Suhane Ladakpan ke; Leela is an independent Punjabi business woman running her empire all by herself. The role is quite a departure from who I am as a person, so I’m working that much harder to get the body language, the demeanor and tone right. It’s a completely new look too, so the audience is in for a surprise. The Punjabi accent also needed homework and I got compliments from my director on the first day itself. It’s a challenging role and I’m certain that fans will love my new avatar!”

Eva Grover who plays the role of Anita Luthra says, “For the role of Anita, I don’t really have to act because the character of a strong, independent Punjabi woman is something I easily relate with. It’s a part of who I am and playing such a role comes naturally. It’s a wonderful feeling to make a comeback on Zee TV. In the show I am playing the role of Anita Luthra who is a strong and intelligent woman like Leela but what gives her an edge is that she doesn’t mind playing dirty. That’s where the similarities between my reel and real life end. I hope the audience enjoys our creative effort.”

Fresh, young faces Jasmine Bhasin and Zain Imam have been cast for the roles of the love birds Twinkle and Yuvraj, while actor Siddhant Gupta plays the role of Kunj, a happy -go-lucky young man that Twinkle’s mother selects as a suitable match for her. Joining the stellar cast are veteran actors Bina Banerjee as Preeto Ji, Ashwin Kaushal as Raman Taneja; Rishina Kandhari as Nicky Sarna; Deepika Amin as Usha Sarna and Ram Sethi as Twinkle’s dada ji.

Zee TV Business Head Mr. Pradeep Hejmadi said, “Tashn-e-Ishq replaces one of our most cherished marquee properties – the historical magnum opus Jodha Akbar. So you can well imagine the faith we repose in the new show. The charm of Tashn-e- Ishq lies in the world it is set in – Modern day, fiercely competitive, flamboyant Punjab. It highlights how finding true love often comes with its fair share of conflict. With its unique setting, apt casting and the premise of a young woman gradually maturing in terms of her understanding of true love, the show will be quite different from the content we currently have on air. It has all the elements needed for a complete dose of entertainment- there’s comedy, drama and romance. It is the kind of concept that will go a long way in attracting newer audiences as its appeal cuts across metro as well as small town sensibilities as well as the youth.”

The theme soundtrack of the show is produced by Zee Music and the renowned music composer Lalit Pandit, known for his romantic melodies, has composed the music pieces.

Will Twinkle and Yuvraj’s romance survive the hostility between their mothers or does destiny spell out Kunj for Twinkle? To find out, stay tuned to Zee TV’s new show ‘Tashn-e -Ishq’ from 10th August at 8:00 PM every Monday to Friday.