The maids manners in a society

Pradeep Bansal

The profession of Maid/ domestic help is adopted by any one because of the compulsion of the persons (particularly tender aged children & women) as these people are less blessed with the basic education, mostly mal-nourished health wise , no home of their own, less access to better jobs- as these are not trained in specific caliber. Earlier there used to be many persons seeking job of domestic help, so the employer was in better bargaining position. But now the schemes like MNREGA have ensured daily job security at the village level. So the influx of these job seekers has reduced in the cities. Now we face a crunch of maids in cities and the demand for skilled maids have also increased in recent times. This new development has changed the whole scenario in this sector. The domestic help is must in the city as the middle class is generally service class who has to reach offices in time and back home family structure is generally of nuclear in nature. Now the time has come to ponder seriously on this issue of changing market demand and supply situation.

1. Respect to this profession- alarm bells! we have to start taking this profession seriously and will have to give respect as we need these people much rather than their own needs. So it’s the need of the hour if we keep scolding these fellows they might switch over to other better behavioral family and we are in dock in that situation. She/he might convey your nature to other maids also in the society. Our whole schedule may get disturbed if this situation continues for a week or so.

2. Hygiene factor- keeping in view the repeated periodic seasonal outbreak of different diseases , its high time, At society level we will have to adopt some arrangement to provide training or health facilities to these people as our own health concerns are associated with this aspect .

3. Humanitarian factor- Something like shed, urinals etc. or so will have to be provided these people during day time to take rest while they wait for their turn in a flat.

4. We will have to treat them as over own family members in due course of time and take care of their natural needs . at times like festivals we should celebrate with them and will have avoid any kind of discrimination related to their nature of jobs.

5. At society level once in a month a get together should also be arranged to make them feel they are also part of that society and it will strengthen their bonding at social level which in turn reduce the crime rate in our locality.

6. A goodie bank can be formed where we can donate the used items which may be reused. These things are generally of daily household use like old TV, Computer, bed,box,children bicycles etc. these things can be issued through society and any housewife who has spare time can take the responsibility for this work. In this way an item can be used by many needy families in their needy hour.

7. The provision of feedback can be applied , to incorporate the views of the inmates in a society to revamp the whole system from time to time.