“Green, Clean, Beautiful, Safe and healthy society is our main mission.” Cicily Kodiyan

She is working in entire Dwarka. She is fond of doing social service. Her enthusiasm is like a young lady, yes she is Cicily Kodiyan who is 87 years old but makes herself busy in social network only.

Cicily Kodiyan, President -ANHLGT

She was born in a small village called Kodanad, district Erangala, Kerala. Her primary education was done in Sanskrit. Here she learnt Vedant and at that time she wanted to become Sanyasini. But after completion of primary education, she joined convent school.

She gets inspiration of serving the society from her father. Her father was a social worker and he joined a movement one God one Religion, one caste formula.

Higher Education:
After completing the school education, She joined Madras University. She was a brilliant student through out her career. She used to get scholarship and that too more than a teacher’s salary. She even taught tuition to the grand sons of 1st president Dr. Rajinder Prasad.

She joined Indian Council of World Affairs as Assistant Librarian. Then she served USSR cultural centre as Assistant Librarian for thirty years.

She wrote 7 books biography on eminent scientists.

Family & Social Life:
She got married In 1950 with Mr.P.K.Kodiyan who had been M.P. in 2nd,6th & 7th Paarliament. She associated with M.P.’s wife association. The present president Pranav Mukharjee’s wife was the vice president of the association.

Moved to Dwarka:
After the death of her husband in 2001, she had to left the M.P. Quarter and moved to Dwarka. At that the condition of roads, parks, street light, sanitation were very miserable. She collected few children and ladies to celebrated Independence Day.

ANHLGT was formed under which several activities are conducted. Presently, more than thousand members are there of the association from different sectors of Dwarka.

Social solidarity and community responsibility. Green, Clean, Beautiful, Safe and healthy society is the main mission of ANHLGT.

(As told to S.S.Dogra)