Media can do wonders in Student’s life – book review by Ms. Jaspreet Kaur

The present day world is facing a very genuine problem-“information explosions”. Information explosion means an explosion of knowledge. Today, throughout the world, social and technological changes are taking place rapidly due to expanding world of information. New frontiers of knowledge are opening day by day and the horizon of human knowledge and understanding is expanding very fast.

Today there is a cry for “more education to more people in less time”. For solving this problem, educational technology consisting of various media of mass communication are essentially required. Both qualitative improvement and quantitative expansion of education can be facilitated and accelerated with the help of this mass media under educational technology. So the mass-media has come to our rescue to tackle this problem.

“Media can do wonders in Student’s life “is indeed a very good initiative by Mr S.S. Dogra . In fact, the mass media has become a well of message around the world of today and have entered into all the structures of daily life.

Today, media easily reaches groups, allows repeated use, gives more reality, influences attitudes, show cause and effect relationships and ultimately motivates the audience.

Mr Dogra in his book has tried to cover up every aspect of Media, right from history to different media options in terms of print, broadcast and net. He has also upraised the students with top News agencies and Media Universities.

I wish him good luck in his future endeavors.

Jaspreet KaurVice Principal
Bal Bhavan International School
Sect 12,Dwarka