Mesmerising performance by Sapna at ISKCON Delhi

A drama on Ramayan was staged at ICSKON temple, East of Kailash on the occasion of Ramnavmi, the birthday of Lord Rama, the most revered incarnation of Krishna. Lord Ram was the personification of virtue and his life is a perfect example for everyone in family life to emulate. His impeccable and exemplary conduct, be it with King Dasarath, or Kaikeyi as well as with others, and his devotion to wife Sita, have captivated generations of devotees all over the world. The greatest devotee of Lord Rama was none other than Lord Hanuman himself.

Ramanavami is also the day on which ISKCON Delhi was inaugurated. On 20 April 2013, Delhiites were held spell-bound with a play depicting various scenes of the glorious epic, Ramayan with characters of Rama, Sita, Lakshman, Bharat, Hanuman, Dasarath, Kaikeyi, Ravan, Mandodri and Shabari depicted by actors of repute. While the role of Lord Ram was played by His ardent devotee Shri Ramapriya Das, Naam Chintamani excelled in the role of Sita. Ravan and Mandodri were ably protrayed by real life couple Sarvadarshi Das and Anandaprada. A very sweet lady, Krishnangi Mataji depicted the ever affectionate Shabari Maa. The realistic costumes, flawless make-up and powerful dialogues – all very well rendered – transformed the sprawling grounds adjacent to the temple to a veritable Ayodhya. The play, interspersed between scenes with short narrations of the Ramayana by Adi Yogi Das, Director, enlightened the people with the true significance of the motives behind the actions. He cautioned one and all against having false perceptions emanating out of half knowledge and hearsay.

The drama commenced with a scene from Ayodhya, with Sapna Attavar, a resident of Dwarka and a Bharatanatyam dancer, welcoming Lord Rama, Sita, Lakshman and Hanuman for Lord Rama’s coronation ceremony, with a dance set to the Bhajan, Shri Ramachandra Krupalu Bhajumana composed by Shri Tulsidas. The curtain fell immediately after Sapna’s dance, and the play began within a few seconds, lasting for two gripping hours, depicting significant scenes from the epic.

His Holiness Gopalakrishna Goswami Maharaj, Head of Governing Body Council ISKCON blessed all the artistes of the evening with mementos – beautiful idols of Sri Rama and Sita. He praised the good work done by one and all and promised to organize the same play again in the near future, at Delhi’s famous Siri Fort Auditorium. 

Photos show Director Adi Yogi Das being blessed by His Holiness Gopalakrishna Goswami Maharaj and other artistes with mementos;and Sapna with the hallowed idols of Shri Rama and Sita.