Mother’s Day Celebrated at TIHS

You are the embodiment of love,
You are a boon from above,
Like you there’s no other,
You are the only one, you are my MOTHER

You turn WOW upside down,it says MOM and you turn MOM upside down , it says WOW. Yes! Mothers always deserve a big WOW for the numerous efforts they make for their kids. 

The Tiny Tots of Little Steps made their Moms feel very special on Mother’s Day Celebration on May 5, 2018 in the school auditorium.The Program began with sacred ceremony of Lighting of lamp by the Chief Guests Ms.Sushmita Chatterji, Ms. Kanika along with the school Principal Ms. Archana Narain followed by the cultural presentations wherein through soul stirring songs and dances children displayed their love and gratitude towards their mothers. Teachers also mesmerized the viewers by their beautiful dance performances. In her welcome address the school Principal shared the importance of mother in a child’s life and said that children are best conditioned during the formative years of their lives. A mother should not only stand by her child through thick and thin but also act like a beacon torch during every phase of life. 

The Chief Guests appreciated the show and conveyed that these endeavours not only increase confidence but also help in fostering an even healthier relationship between a mother and child. Ms.Sushmita asserted that a mother’s role is indeed the most challenging and indispensable and Ms.Kanika praised the school for its efforts, endeavours and discipline. 
The main attraction of the day was Ramp Walk of mother and child duo on the theme-Pratibimb-the Ravishing Reflection. Mothers participated with full zeal and enthusiasm and shared some anecdotes. Ms. Mehak Gurtata, Mother of Divisha Gurtata bagged the First Position, Ms.Neha Singh, Mother of Shambhavi Singh was declared the First Runner up and Ms.Roofi Sachdeva, Mother of Sehajpreet Kaur was announced the Second Runner up. Our super talented Moms showcased their talent and skill as a team with their child and won many coveted tittles. The title of ‘Amazing Attire Mom’ was won by Ms Nabamita Mukopadhay, mother of Palakshi Singh, ‘Beautiful Smile Mom’ title was bagged by Dr. Priyanka Gupts, mother of Charvi Jain,’title of ‘Graceful Mom’ was secured by Ms. Sugandha, mother of Nitya Aggarwal, ‘Scintillating Senorita Mom’ title was grabbed by Ms. Purva Jain, mother of Vihaan Jain, ‘Ravishing Mom’ title was won by Ms. Aparna, mother of Vedansh, ‘Emaculate Mom’ title was presented to Ms Ruchika mother of Arnika Kukreti, ‘Charismatic Mom’ title was secured by Ms. Deepa, mother of Kiaan, ‘Dazzling -Mom’ title was presented to Ms. Prachi Sehgal, mother of Mehaan Sehgal and ‘Power packed Persona’ title was taken away by Ms. Sudha Morey, mother of Rewa Morey. 

All and all it was an enjoyable and memorable day which left an indubitable imprint of unconditional love, care and innocence on everyone’s heart.