My aim is to become a photographer- where I can show to this world. Says Anchal

“Life through my Lens” yes Anchal has prove it with his photography skill. You might have seen his beautiful photography on many ancient monuments, people, wild life, street photography and nature etc. He is hailing from a middle class Khatri family from the city of Nawab’s Lucknow.

After completing his graduation from Lucknow University, he came to Delhi in 2006 and started working in a U.S based company UHG then later on in Metlife GOSC. He is a creative photographer who has joined few photography clubs in Delhi like Delhi Photography Club (DPC) and started exploring the photography world. He choose this profession with a passion. After practicing and learning of few months he started getting opportunities in events and weddings. He has got visibility in the commercial market through jos photographs started publishing in few fashion magazines, news papers and social network sites. 
Lot of appreciation encouragement and motivated with the little achievement in less time. He is doing excellently in the field of Fashion Photography & Capturing Candid Moments however, he is fond of traveling and visting many famous places in India also to capture and collect the beauty of ancient heritages and monuments, people, places, wild life, street photography and nature.

(Interviewed by Parul)