Nature lovers of Sub city gatered for a campaign for Bio Diversity park

One can understand the sense of importance and urgency of the cause when people from cross section of the society start getting involved in it and go out of their way to show solidarity and support. That’s what one could see at the first activity of the SUKARMAN’s ecowarriors campaign. The activity was to visit 200 acres of green space in sector 20 of Dwarka and do “shramdaan” for the water-body. 

People from all age group turned up in big numbers in the sweltering heat of June to support the pitch for the green area to be converted into a bio diversity park. They are aware of the environment concern is what one would expect but the turnout was an eye-opener in terms of how relevant it has become off late. All present were further educated on the subject by Dr. Hussain describing how it will be an asset to Dwarka and act as a lung for it. Mr. Diwan singh, who has been fighting this battle for long shared the challenges being faced and indifference of the authorities that has lead to practically nothing being improved despite assurance in the past 3 years.

“You can join the campaign team and be a volunteer by sending an email at,  or by sending your details at 9266801517.”

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