M. K. Gupta
Govt./ MCD has put big garbage collection boxes in front of many societies in sector 6 which is a good step. This is expected to be followed for other sectors. These boxes are made of iron and blue in colour. It appears that MCD has taken this step on the complaints by Mr Anoop Rohera, Member of Dwarka Forum.

In the past, there were complaints of the theft of old boxes and to stop this, the name of the CGHS/DDA Pocket should be painted on them. This may be on the lines of registration number of vehicles and the sequence could be Dwarka/Sector No. /No. of the Plot of CGHS or Pocket Number followed by stock register number of the Govt (MCD or agency manning them. For a box put in front of Plot No. 41, Sector 10, thus the sequence may be DW/10/41/number maintained by the MCD.

MCD should paint a number before putting them on site, which will also ensure the supply of full quantity of boxes by the company, which is supplying these boxes doing away any scope of manipulation. The Society / DDA Pocket/Market Associations etc. should arrange for the painting of their names on these boxes which should not be easily erasable, if indelible paint is not available. Management of Societies and DDA pockets etc. should through the their security guards voluntarily take initiative to prevent the the theft of these boxes.