Obama-Modi Business Deal-Can it Change Ancient India `Dosti` Saga ?

Rakesh Manchanda 

Bharat-India needs no reminder as to how to sustain and polish `friendship values`. Lord Krishna Sudama friendship values has a folk tale ancient saga followings. Sudama with folded hands `Namaskar` offered with hesitation a handful of baked dry rice as his wife packed gift to the host Krishna. In return Lord Krishna massaged Friend Sudama`s feet and explained the famous friendship value system.

Thanks to Obama Namaste and his new friendship with India. Republic of India guarantees `equality` at least on paper.

Business Pressure on PM Modi for respective investment fund flow and hunger for false equality splits open the ages old Indian value system for a change.

A need for a change in `friendship` values in terms of a host- a guest interest is floated. This change in values as demonstrated recently by Modi-Obama meet stands in fashion. Will this change help deliver equality to all Indians?

To become equal, PM Modi attires in an expensive fashionable pin striped suit during recent Obama Nuclear deal and visit. Experts point out the import expense bill on this suit could have helped PM purchase at least 10,000 jackets. Poor Indians buy warm but `used imported jackets` from roadside sellers for Rs.200/- as India imports used cloths for decades in containers.

Times of India puts it straight : Modi Brand suit fabric was supplied by a London based Tailors with approx. cost of fabric is 1500 pounds per meter with single width which means seven meters of single width was required and this cost analysis excludes the stitching cost. This cost may exclude stitching and pin stripes with Modi name weaved in Gold.

Mahatma Gandhi challenged Videshi Manchester Mills for `Make in India` & Swadeshi Movement while Modi-Obama does the opposite for a false power show.

Mahatma Gandhi continues to be the universal symbol of non violence and peace. See his friendship meet with King George in cold winter of Nov-1930. There was no change in Mahama Gandhi dress up except an English handshake. Gandhi never tried to impress King George by wearing an English Suit as he always said more than More then Half of India Aam Admi is below poverty line so Gandhi stopped wearing even a shirt.

American business visits to India in last 20 years need a quick rewind.
From Clinton to Obama all Presidents pay homage to Mahatma Gandhi at Rajghat.
It appears Rajghat pilgrimage visit is used to wash away the war and humanity crimes of top global dignitaries.

Mrs and Mr.Obama were clever to adopt `Namaste` this time of course for benefit of their America Nuclear and Pharmaceuticals sellers and peddlers.
American President visits to Rajghat kept the Aam Adami (common man) held up in long endless traffic jams like Indian VVIPs.

All Presidents came to India as American Uranium Salesmen selling `expensive` power solutions.

Fear and insecurity during Bush junior visit was marked by the fact that K-9 security officers(Pentagon sniffer dogs) rejected the possibility of Goerge Bush enjoying the twenty years old tree planted by his father Goerge Bush senior at Rajghat. President Obama plants a `Pipaal` sapling this time. Hope the American sniffer dog squad shall allow next future Presidents to visit this future tree with a shade.

Trust and dependency of Five Star Sniffer American dogs staying then in Le Meriden Hotel & trust of American President on his dogs was more then the host India. This was silently questioned by people during the visit of Bush and even on Republic Day.

Unlike during Bush Junior visit to Rajghat on 2nd.March-2006,when Obama arrived to Rajghat last time, Rajnish Kumar, Secretary, Rajghat, Gandhi Samadhi Committee was not send away for a long leave as he protested in the past to the use of American sniffer dogs at Gandhi Samadhi.

Obama took home a Charka with Mahatma Gandhi bust and three books during his first Rajghat visit. Charka is a symbol of hand spinner cotton economy used by Mahatma Gandhi during India freedom movement. How this symbol of cotton economy(self dependent) is going to motivate Obama & American policy in WTO ?- The future shall tell how charkha is applied in American-foreign policy of divide and unequal cotton growth.

Obama and Bush and other past Presidents both spared only three days for the biggest democratic country and market in the World. Indian visits were well planned and filtered in advance by the CIA-pentagon. For security reasons both presidents addressed smaller gatherings under watchful sky and land radar surveillance against any possible chemical attack. The world’s biggest killer machine-America stands outsmarted by fear.

Obama broke the American Tradition of not allowing American President to sit in one place in a host country for say more than approx. 45 minutes. He sat this time in India`s Republic day parade as a chief guest for hours. However Obama insisted to use his own car `The Beast` instead of Rastrapati traditional car meant for RD Parade chief guest.

Both Obama and Bush advised Indians during India visits to wear their Gandhi masks and assist them to replace the `Taliban` threat (once American friends) created by their own failed American Model.

`My enemy should be your enemy but your enemy shall remain my friend`-This American tradition is broken by Obama for the first time when he aired his views in last two visits to India against terrorist heavens in Pakistan. Obama has still to help India to put David Headley under trail and prove his Pakistan terror camps promise in action.

Do we (India-America) really need each other in an unequal respectable business deals?
In a changing world there is no harm in getting friendly and closer to America but not a cost to harm the pockets of majority 99% citizens.

Independent business and foreign policy is a must with no compromise at the cost of India`s old gift to the world which is `low cost` life saving medicines.