PAHAL Social Organization ( Regd.) has started a school for children of construction workers/daily labourers families in Dwarka. The classes are held from Monday to Friday between 10 to 1 o clock at the PAHALOffice area, 29,DDA MARKET, Sector 22, Dwarka, where Ladies of PAHAL have voluntarily taken on the task to put in free teaching hours. 

Some of members and well wishers extended a helping hand, by generously donating all the stationery materials and books for these children, Other PAHAL members also donate, whenever required, in cash and kind. Children are not meant to sit at home idly, wasting time. Neither are girl children meant to be confined at home, only to do all the housework.

PAHAL met with very good response and the children are happy to attend classes. We do not wish that the children are stopped from attending school by their parents. Though some refreshments are provided to the kids during break, the only way to maintain full attendance, we feel, is by supplying proper meals in the afternoons.

PAHAL therefore, humbly appeal to all like-minded people to come forward and help in sponsoring the midday meals for the children which will be an incentive for the parents to send their kids to school regularly.

Our Sincere gratitude to all.
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