Parking still unplanned for Dwarka Sub city

——– Photo – Courtesy : Mahesh Tak———

Mr. S.N. Shrivastava ———October 14, 2009
Joint Commission Police – Traffic
New Delhi

Dear Sir,

Subject: Dwarka – Traffic- Specific to Sector 6 and 10 market roads and elsewhere in Sub-City

We would like to bring to your attention the traffic chaos at the above mentioned road in Sector 6 and 10 markets:

A. Background

1. There is no area earmarked for parking on this Market road (We do understand the Multilevel Parking proposed).

2. As there is no parking available the cars are generally parked on the main road, the traffic police keep issuing challans and fines are imposed at a random manner, and even cars are towed away.

3. Apart from the cars, there are various vendors with their ‘Thelas’ on the road, including rickshaws (parked haphazardly all over the place) and catering vans which are parked on the service lane and sidewalks causing great inconvenience to pedestrians which adds to the chaos and create traffic jams on the road.

4. To add to the already chaotic situation, there is no grill on the divider and, so, it’s easy for people to cross the road by just hopping across.

5. It is very dangerous for the vehicle drivers to drive this stretch as they cannot actually see the person and people keep popping out of the bushes to cross the road.

6. Especially in the evening when the shops are thriving with shoppers this road is completely chocked and traffic is thrown out of gear.

7. The shop repair/renovations are taking place and the solid malba are left open on markets and roads which reduces the parking area.

8. There is no proper marking of parking lots exclusive are specifically marked for two cylces, wheelers, cars.

9. A good percentage of shop owners park their vans with full of goods are parked obstructing way in the complex.

B. Suggestions

1. Police barricades on both sides for Diwali as we expect a lot of crowd as Diwali is round the corner. (However, this is a temporary but immediate solution)

2. Coordinate with DDA for better Sinages. Clear/bright marking of Pedestrain Zebra Crossing Marks and Sign boards.

3. Presence of DTP staff from morning till evening (10 AM to 10 PM) on the stretch.

4. High-rise Metal Grills on dividers, to prevent people to jump over.

5. Escalated over bridge to facilitate crossing the road in a convenient and hassle free manner. This is a must here as the volume of people is enormous especially in the evenings. Before there is a huge explosion there is an urgent need/and must to have the foot-over bridges in place at all the Markets in the Dwarka especially in Sector 6 and 10.

6. Traffic police to control speedsters very strictly with heavy fines.

We look forward to hearing from you at the earliest.

Thanking you.

Best regards.

(Member-Dwarka Forum)