Message of Dr. Amit kaur Puri about Media Literacy Conclave

I (Dr. Amit kaur Puri) congratulate Mr S S Dogra ji for organising media and literary conclave successfully at Dwarka on 3rd December 2016. It is his hard work, dedication and honest approach to turn his dream into reality. My good wishes are always with him as a well wisher and as a sister. May luck favours him in all his efforts. There was high level of competition between the participants. Film were directed, produced, edited and acted by students. I like the film on “Swach Bhatat Abhiyan”. There was a photography competition also. All the photographs were outstanding and was difficult to judge. It was followed by students band and felicitation program. I was honoured to witness the book release of famous scientists of the world edited by Dogra ji.

I was overwhelmed to release the Poster of the short film “chitthi” from Marwah studio. This film left me speechless and there was a silence for few moments in the screening hall. It was about the sacrifices made by the old parents of Indian solider. Very touchy and sensitive movie which filled my heart with great respect for Indian army. Salute to hon able Sandeep Marwah ji who is successful in incorporating not only the technical skills but also the emotional front with excellent message to his students in film making.

Last but not least I whole heartedly thanks Dogra ji for motivating my daughter Jasmit kaur for her visual story “mumbai dabbawala” and fecilitating me too.

Thanks for the honour, respect and I have an awesome time spent with renound media and literary persons.