Peoples Participation based on Swaraj and Civil War in CAR and Republic of Mali

Rakesh Manchanda

About author : Has worked in India and several African countries and now is full time supporter of AAP in Delhi and North India monitoring the historical people movement for a Swaraj.

Dialogue although failed is still the only way in Central Africa Republic and Mali.
I agree with the THE HINDU editorial today that there is urgent need to revive the political will in France, the EU, and the United States.

Failure could make CAR yet another target for what could well be externally-funded Islamist extremists.

There is a worldwide failure in forced peace experiments of similar pattern.People in Africa still believe in Gandhi and his crude ways.
Let us revisit Mali intervention. Cotton remains the backbone of Mali economy. Subsidized cotton imports agenda means GM entry by western powers hidden as aid. Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) who fills the aspirations of the people crying for a peaceful and happy life is allowed unchallenged.

Peoples Republic of Mali is disturbed and is struggling for its normal and natural participatory democracy. During my seasonal stay in Mali from 2006-11, I found the people peaceful, dignified, Secular and hungry for participation in decision making process. Mali coup was basically because of Libya returned soldiers exposed to competitive `rule of the gun` taught world wide today by greedy West(France,EU and US) who wish to control the entire world for business.

More relevant simple first Governance step towards GLOBAL PEACE today is participatory democracy and decision making for any Public expense based on Self Rule or Swaraj.