Permanent Happiness and Peace is within

Reena Batra

Each year International Goudiya trust transcends on the unique fellowship of Bhakti. The essence of Bhakti means devotion and pure love. Completely unadulterated and authentic the message of the trust is passed on to thousands of devotees that submit themselves to the mercy of Lord Krishna. Several people from different backgrounds barring age, color and creed come to worship lord Krishna. The sight is worth seeing. The colorful and mystic appearance of the venue that carries forward the message of love and devotion is open to everyone. People sing and dance to the hymns of Lord Krishna and later on divulge in Prasad. The message of the Trust is very simple. The living being in this world, weather a human being, animal, bird, beast, plant, insect or aquatic, is an eternal spiritual particle of transcendental consciousness, known in Sanskrit as Jiva-Atma, or the living entity.

In the present condition of material imprisonment, the eternal soul identifies himself with the temporary body which he currently occupies, but in actuality is always separate from and aloof from the physical body, just as a person is separate from a car although riding in it. In this dream-like condition of forgetfulness he forgets his eternal spiritual nature and identity and becomes immersed in the illusion of identifying himself with the temporary material body which is full of suffering and misery ending ultimately in old age and death. He must free himself from the cycle of birth and birth and reinvent himself to gain permanent happiness and peace within. Thereby it results into a fully cleansed and purified soul. In such a purified heart, the supreme lord manifests naturally.

The trust is an International organization running successfully in all over the world. With mission of unperturbed happiness, the mission is a plea to all the people in the world to forget hatred and embrace the charm and magnificence of love and devotion towards one another.