Play at CCRT on February 3,2020 at 5.30 pm

Lao Tzu-The Old MasterGreat Chinese Thinker remembered through theatre

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength,
 while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”

Centre for Cultural Resources and Training, Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India,will be hosting as part of ‘CCRT Kala Utsav’ series, a Play 

3rd February, 2020 (Monday) – 5.30 PM: Entry Free

“LaoTzu” THE OLD MASTER        (Language : English, Duration : 55 Minutes)

Design and Direction : Siddharth Khanna (SRCPA Alumni)

Performance : Global Actors Group

Venue: CCRT, 15 A, Sector 7, Dwarka, New Delhi (near Metro Station Sector 9, Contact 011-25309300

The Creative for the above said Play is attached for your kind information. 

A brief about the Great Thinker can be discerned from a story: The three great Asian spiritual leaders are Lao Tzu, Confucius and Buddha. All had tasted vinegar. Confucius found it sour, much like he found the world full of degenerated people, and Buddha found it bitter, much like he found the world to be full of suffering. But Lao Tzu found the world to be sweet. He could make out there was discord in the world but he believed in the underlying harmony guided by something called the “Tao”.