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Nisha Mehta
 is a professional Tarot Reader. She has a vast knowledge of Astrology, Psychology and Vastu also. She is from Bombay and shifted to Dwarka in 2001. She works with tarot combining Indian and Western astrology to get the best possible reading and solutions. Ms. Nisha, in an exclusive interview with Dwarka Parichay , revealed lot of information on Tarot and cleared many doubts about this amazing art, let go through it.

Q. What is Tarot?
Many of us have not yet understood the concept of reading cards and find it mysterious. We want to know how a set of cards can determine or decide their fate. Tarot does not give the final answers, just look at the state of mind or being of the person who is facing problems. A lot of people face confusion about the concepts of tarot cards and I have tried to answer the questions posed to me by people on various occasions. Tarot works on the principle of “law of attraction”. We attract those cards that mirror the happenings in our lives at that point of time.

Q.Does Tarot Decide Fate?
Tarot does not decide our fate and is not the last word on what is the outcome of any situation. Tarot describes the general situation that the inquirer is going through and gives him/ her a path so that the best result can be obtained. Once you know what the problem is, it is easy to find a way out of difficult situations. With tarot, we do get to know where our life is heading and it gives us a path.

Q. How to Learn Tarot?
Learning the tarot is not difficult. Besides giving us the knowledge about the cards and their meanings, it also enhances us spiritually and gives us a better understanding about ourselves. You should have an affinity towards learning it if one has interest in self improvement and is looking for guidance too. Intuition plays an important role while reading the cards.

Q. Where do you get the Tarot Cards?
Tarot Cards can be purchased from any book store. There are more than 2000 different kind of sets available the most common being the ones which have 78 cards in it. These cards have a book in it with meanings of each card and different ways they can be used to predict for us. Though learning it under a guide or an expert on the subject is always better.

Q.Can We Make Tarot A Profession?
Reading tarots for others requires being responsible for what is told to them. The people who inquire, are obviously, those who are disturbed in some way. You have to be sure of yourself before trying to help others. If you are distressed in life, you might not be able to see things with clarity. Hence, immense amount of spiritual growth is necessary for any counselor to be able to help others and clear their karma.

Q.Can Tarot Change Our Destiny?
Tarot cannot change our destiny. Only we can do it. Destiny is based on Karma. We must remember, what we do, will come back to us in one way or another. Tarot just helps us in determining our path of action. It gives us guidelines as to how our actions will affect our lives in the future or what have we done in the past to undergo some situations. It gives us a chance to rectify our mistakes if we have gone wrong sometime.

Q.Do We Need Our Astrological Chart For Tarot?
We do not need an astrological chart when consulting the tarot cards. Tarot is complete in itself. However, knowledge about astrology, numerology is definitely helpful at times or in difficult situations.

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