Play on Electors’ Awareness held in CCRT, Dwarka

RANGASHREE, a NGO known for spreading awareness on social issues through the medium of drama, once again staged a satirical Bhojpuri play KACHOT (meaning ‘agony’) in the auditorium of CCRT Dwarka (Sec 7) on 28th March ’09. Set in the pull-ridden polity of rural India, Kachot brings to light the brutal realities from the underbelly of Bihar, where politics is perceived as mere business, and votes are traded for allurements.
Active since 1978 in Bihar, RANGASHREE waded into Delhi waters in 1998 and since 2000, has been actively staging plays and holding drama workshops all across Dwarka (viz. Ispatika Aptt Sec 4, DJA Aptt Sec 13, Shubham Aptt Sec 12, Parampuneet Aptt, ITL Public School, Venkateswara International School etc.). The Director and Chief Secretary of RANGASHREE, Mr MP Singh, is also a noted social activist and trainer, associated with international agencies like ILO, on wide ranging issues such as AIDS Awareness, Women Empowerment, Crop Diversification etc. Mr. Singh played the lead role in KACHOT as a common man’s representative Ramchanar, calling upon the common man to act and vote responsibly.
The play, essentially serious in tone and tenor, was interspersed with hilarious moments. Nearly 200 people thronged CCRT auditorium to witness the show and gave a standing ovation to the play. This was another milestone achieved by RANGASHREE in trying to give the word ‘drama’ an all new meaning and purpose.