Prescription for BETTER Neighbourhood


It has been my observation & most of you must have observed, the same, too,that in any situation of civic-neglect viz pot-holed roads, broken footpaths, ill-maintained green spaces, leaking water-pipes, non-functional traffic signals, mounting garbage on streets,dog- pooh at various places in the neighbour hood, we all go on high-drive in criticising,criticising & criticising the officials/management of local bodies, DDA & various utilities. We criticise them whenever, we gather in the park during morning walk, we criticise, when we meet at any social get-togethers & we criticise,when we talk on mobile or sometime on whatsapp!

The healthy elders who have lot of time on their hands stay longer in the parks & there panel-discussions,seminars, amongst,them on the in-efficiency of the civic officials are held in great detail!There are exceptions too,In some of the groups? A few elders amongst many in their groups,take positive actions. contact the concerned officials, follow up & also help the workers in various ways & get the problems sorted out amicably in a time bound manner!

But ,majority are experts in giving their views/expert advice on the mis-management of funds/for changing the situations on the ground.

Why,they do it? Why, they keep on criticising? Why, they do not form small groups amongst themselves to follow up with various civic authorities.

I have no doubt,their problems will receive the solutions, in lesser time than expected!

Having been in the local government,my experience is, there are sometime, problems within the various departments of a local body/Utility companies et al.I do not hold a brief for their in efficiency.It is also a fact that there are,also, many instances of unethical practices being followed by some of the officials/elected reps/contractors, but CRITICISING only will not solve the problem but, may/will aggravate the situation.

So the rule of the game should be, ACT POSITIVELY ,CRITICISE LESS.

It will have good effect on all-employees, your own children ,your public- areas of neglect.

Things will start improving?~

TRY it for a MONTH—————,dear all.

This is my prescription for obtaining better civic facilities/improving the quality of life in & around your neighbourhood.

Instead of `sudharofying` the world,first bring improvement around you.

Vijay K. SalujaDIRECTOR
Giraffe Heroes India