PlayBoy Girl Shanti Dynamite is the “Savita Barbie” in Rupesh Paul Film

Nilofer Ansari

Bollywood may be the blushing ballerina to Hollywood’s brazen pole-dancing stripper, but, as the history of film censorship in India reveals, its screen stars are no stranger to the lip lock. New stars are frequently born in Bollywood and just as suddenly disappear. Few stay on and most don’t make it beyond a few films. The buzz presently is about the real Playboy Girl Shanti Dynamite. Shanti’s toned body and attitude have catapulted her to a spot at the top of India’s most-searched celebrity list, beating out Porn Star Sunny Leone. Good looks-wise, Shanti is definitely high potential – a cute face sitting atop a fabulous figure surely honed into Bollywood. Shanti Dynamite is all set to enter the Hindi film industry with the Kamasutra 3D filmmaker Rupesh Paul’s next. It is being described as India’s first “gangster-erotica-horror” film titled “Savita Barbie in 3D” Shanti is very excited for her first debut in Bollywood and is leaving no stone unturned to make the big one for her Bollywood career.

“It is a challenging character for me,” said Dynamite. The film is produced by Rupesh Paul Productions Ltd who is happy to have Shanti on board. “We were auditioning a number of girls for three non-Indian characters. And then, co-incidentally, I bumped into Shanti. I had read in an interview about her wanting to work with producer Ekta Kapoor, so I kind of knew about her,” said Paul confirming that Shanti will be playing one of the three leading ladies. Paul claimed that he was completely unaware of her background while auditioning her. “I got to know about her background later on. However, that didn’t matter to me. I don’t look at it as a bad thing. Since we weren’t sure about her acting skills, Shanti was put through a proper process. There were photo shoots organised with her for two days and then, performance auditions. Finally, the team was happy with her. And since she is half-Indian, half-Greek Shanti fits the part perfectly,” he added. Savita Bhabhi is an Indian pornographic cartoon character on cyber space and has earned recognition as India’s first porn star.