Police-Public meeting held at Sector-14, Dwarka

Mr. M S Randhawa
A C P (South west Dwarka zone)
Dwarka scetor-23

Dear sir,
As a follow-up of police-public meeting held with you a meeting with SHO (Mr.Naresh Kumar) was organised in sector-14. RWA representatives of pocket-1,Pocket-2 and pocket-B of sector-14 (i.e.entire sector-14) were present in the meeting.

Issues of snatching was discussed as these incidents are very common around sector-14 metro station.It was suggested to start patrolling in civil dress to grab the snatcher.It was also suggested by people that police should also write DDA/BSES for better light and roads in the area which encourage these crime indirectly.

Regarding implementation of tocken system with police logo SHO informed that he will take up with you and DCP.I also request you to pls permit this to avoid any possible theft of vehicle.

We also offer our all possible assistance to police for our safety in Dwarka.We also thank Mr.Naresh Kumar, SHO for his valuable time and initiative.

With Regards
Sushil Kumar
Dwarka Forum