Annual Day at Pragati Public School, Dwarka

Pragati Public School, Sector 13, Dwarka  has opened a plethora of avenues and opportunities for the students allowing them to chart for themselves a future  i.e not only financially successful but also emotionally rewarding. On the occasion of the  ‘Annual Day‘ on 31st Oct.2010,  the students of the Primary Wing, with faith in their eyes, conviction in their hearts and courage in their stride have prepared a play to be staged on the day called “Masti Ke Pathshala”. The play will be an opportunity for all the students of the Primary Wing to show case their talent and display their skills.
As the children always wonder why they have to slog at times due to parental pressure, peer pressure  and the stiff competition in various fields. The play makes the people realize that a child’s life is about innocence and playfulness. It is about joy and freedom and we should give children the right to enjoy and grow into healthy and educated citizens of the country.
The play ends with the message of enlightenment that learning is a continuous journey of experience through the ocean of life as rightly said “ Live as if you were to die tomorrow, learn as if you were to live forever”.
It further conveys that both the teachers and parents should guard against putting unnecessary pressure on children. Today education aims at training individual so they may fit better into the society and can better contribute to the progress of the entire mankind and make their life worth living as Buddha rightly said, “ Better a single day of life seeing the reality of arising and passing away than a hundred years of existence remaining blind to it.”