Consecration of Sri Ram Temple Dwarka held

The Kumbhabhishekam (consecration) of SRI RAM MANDIR at Dwarka, New Delhi was held on 4th June 2012 by the Holy Hands of Jagadguru Sri Sri Jayendra Saraswati Swamigal of Kanchi Kamakotee Peetam, the function started on 1st June 2012 and continued till 4th June with the chanting of Mantas followed by Havans by about 50 learned pundits (rithwiks) from the South India.

The temple consists of Sri Kothanda Ramar, Lord Kameshwarar, Goddess Kameshwari, Amritha Ganapathi, Sankata Mochana Hanuman and Navagraham Sannadhis in the Ground floor. Hall having a seating capacity of about 250 people with Lord Ranganathar has been constructed in the first floor.

It is considered auspicious to participate in the Mandalabhishekam that follows Kumbhabhishekam. The Mandalabhishekam which started on 5th June 2012 will continue for 45 days, all are requested to participate in the Mandalabhishekam and receive the blessings of Lord Sri Ram. 

Abhishekam will be held on these days the tariff of which are as under :
Abhishekam to Sri Ramar – Rs.1000/-
Abhishekam to Navagraham – Rs.1000/-
All other Sannadhis (each) – Rs. 500/-
All Sannadhis combined – Rs.2500/-

Abhishekam will start at 7.10 AM for Amritha Ganapathi followed by other Sannadhis and for Sri Kothanda Ramar it will be at 8.30 AM.

The temple opens at 6.30 AM in the morning during the Summer period and at 5.00 PM in the evening.

For further details please contact:
Sh S. Ganesan (9810138189), Sh M. Viswanathan (9312247576),
Sh N Loganathan (9868004729), Sh S Ramaswamy (9968093927)