Rejimon CK & M K Gupta
We often witness long queue at the Post Office in Sector 6 DDA market as this office is short of staff and space to cater to the needs of large population of Dwarka. In fact, Dwarka should now have Head Post Office at least of the status of HPO-1.  Only very few persons are aware about the existence of the post office the NSIT in sector 3 and they are under the impression that this is only for the staff and students of the NSIT. Public should be educated about its existence and of the fact that it is for all the citizens. The DDA has reportedly allotted two plots of 150 sq. metre each long ago for building of the Post Office near this market and knowledgeable sources say that the DDA has now approved the merger of these two plots into one and now the process of construction OF office building on this should start forthwith.
The Post Office inside the Dwarka Court is without basic facilities which has started working few months ago has only with one postal assistant and a packer.  This, even does not have the much needed facility of booking the speed posts. Also, one has to search for this post office as there is no sign board to indicate about the existence of this even after months of its start. Due to lack of any drop box, even the ordinary mail is received by its staff.  This post office is expected to cater to the need of advocates and large number of residents of nearby societies and villages but is lacks any bench to sit or writing table/pad. 
For the large population of Dwarka, the nearest post office working as Asstt. Central Public Information Officer at Ramesh Nagar but Dwarka also requires this facility.  Every post office has a complaint book but the public at large is not aware about this fact and this should be mentioned on the notice board in every post office. Moreover, the phone number of the post office and locations of other nearby post offices should also be displayed on the boards put up inside the post office so that trivial queries can be cleared on phone to avoid ‘Q’.